Shearer's Hair Design

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2420 Yew St, Bellingham, WA


Before your visit:

The following are the Phase 2 requirements for you to have a service with us, so please take a few minutes to read through them. Unfortunately, these guidelines are non-negotiable for us. If you are unable to meet these requirements, we will be unable to see you at this time.

When you arrive, please remain in your car and text your stylist to let them know you are here. They will send a message when they're ready for you to enter. This assures that our previous client has left, and your space has been fully sanitized.

**Please keep in mind appointment times can take up to 30 minutes longer than usual, due to extra sanitation done during your service. This also may cause us to run a little late.**

Please be patient, as we are trying!

It is required for you to wear a mask *before entry* into salon, and during your service. If you are receiving a color service, wear a mask that you won't mind getting some on it. We will try to be careful!
Upon entry you will need to first wash your hands with soap and water, and then be seated in your stylists chair.

Magazines or hair style books aren't currently available, and the waiting area is closed.
You won't be able to self serve for beverages at the coffee area. This applies to retail purchases as well, but we can get them for you.

Please don't bring any food items with you. There will be a bin on your stylist's station for you to put your personal items in. Since it is warmer outside, also please refrain from bringing a coat if you can.
Unless you are a caregiver escorting a minor or elderly customer inside, you will not be able to bring another person with you. There will be no seating area in use.

We can still accept all forms of payment, however avoid cash if you are able to. If paying by check, please have it filled out prior to visit or with your own pen at the chair, as we want to limit sharing pens.

We are required to work at 25% salon capacity, meaning only 3 stylists can be working at any given time, and we cannot double book anyone right now. Our schedules may not be the usual days and/or times that you are accustomed to. We have worked together to figure out a schedule, so we can all work equitably. Unfortunately, this also means that we aren't able to work as many hours as in previous times.

We can't wait to see you!

Please let us know if you have any further questions.